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How does the identification process work with a Bitsafe talent account?



  • Remhelgrace Agudo

    I am not using any mobile now since it was broken and I can't buy one, does it mean, I can't get verified? 

  • Kate Sawad

    My ID's are not being accepted. I cannot get different ID due to lockdown here in Philippines.

  • Daniele Tini

    Non riesco a superare la fase dei selfie mi va in errore 9915628/14906 come posso fare? 

  • Md AHMED


  • Tracy Green

    I tried this several times with ID and passport and it doesn't work. I tried calling support on the phone no one picks up and no one replies to my email and I was supported to receive a payment today from my company but no payment. 

  • Samkelisiwe Shabangu

    I have no idea how this App works. I downloaded it on my mobile phone i have no idea on how to scan qr code. It's really not user friendly. Can i please have someone helping me step by step please.

  • Kathia Gallegos

    Hi, I need a new QR code I wasn't able to verify my account with my cellphone and now I can't get my QR code to try it again

  • Jessica Rude

    Where is this QR Code located? I cant seem to find it anywhere? Do any questions get answered here?

  • Rolf Henning holter

    i need a QR code

  • Angelina Sevillano

    UMID is not accepted when scanned. I don't have any other ID's. Please help, I need to get my salary.


  • Roxanne Henry

    Why won't anyone get back to me in regards to completing the verification? I get the same error every time I try and I emailed you guys about and no one replied to me. I was hoping the customer service would be as good as payoneer. I am expecting my pay this Thursday and I need to get this approved 

  • Williamsyanique83

    You guys are the worst, most people are having the same issuea and I see no attempts to help. I have been trying to verify my IDs and it is not working and I havent been able to get through to anyone. I never had this much trouble with payoneer....this is ridiculous!!!

  • Elena

    это ужас,ну и как с вами работать?

  • Augusto Martinez

    No body is there to resolve this issue? The email bot is not enough to provide an answer?

  • Onielia Chantal Lawrence

    You suck! Your app is defective and you provide outdated information that doesn't help anyone. I use both IDs and still can't get verified. You are the worst ever! Your email responses are computer generated that repeats the same useless information. You do not help! I hope the company will switch to Payoneer or Transferwise. You do not deserve a mark in the industry!

  • Winnirina Atieno

    My account was locked and I kept on verifying my ID. Now money was sent there and I can not even see it. What else can I do?

  • Gabriela Veresova

    I don't have GET VERIFIED on the profile when I click on it. I want to do the verification, but without the QR code I can't do it with the phone. Can you please advise. Thank you

  • Onielia Chantal Lawrence

    If you have already downloaded the app to your phone, sign into your profile at MyBitsafe online with another device. Go to profile and select connect a new device. It should give you the QR code to scan with your phone app. You can only do the verification on the mobile app.

  • David Devia

    no puedo hacer la verificacion por que el link para el codigo QR no funciona, soluciones por favor 


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